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Our Goals

We are a Christ-centered program, and our goal is to provide a safe environment for your child to grow and prepare them for kindergarten.  Our approach to education provides for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional growth of your child. All of our lead teachers have degrees in early childhood education and use the latest methods of teaching to allow growth and development. We offer the most important type of growth and teach them about their Savior Jesus Christ.   

See How They Grow

Spiritual Growth

  1. Know that Jesus loves them.

  2. Learn that Jesus is their Savior from sin.

  3. Learn about God in Bible stories, prayers, and songs.

Social-Emotional Growth

  1. Grow in their ability to interact with peers, adults, and their environment.

  2. Experience success in working and playing individually and cooperatively.

  3. Grow in Christian love, respect, and empathy.

Physical Growth

  1. Appreciate likenesses and differences in one another.

  2. Observe simple health and safety procedures.

  3. Develop small and large motor control /coordination.

Intellectual Growth

  1. Learn that their abilities are gifts from God.

  2. Practice and enjoy their disposition to learn.

  3. Make and express choices, plans, and decisions.

  4. Experience using different materials in many ways.Increased development of language skills (emergent reading/writing skills and concepts).

  5. Increased development of math, science and social skills.

  6. Increased appreciation of music and the arts.

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