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Your Child is in Great Hands


Founded in 2008, Little Lambs Learning Center is a state-licensed program that offers a Christ-centered education in an atmosphere of love and trust. Our program is growing and changing as we respond to the needs of those we serve.

  • Introduce children to the truths of God’s Word and their Savior Jesus Christ through a curriculum infused with Christian values offering many opportunities for early spiritual growth


  • Give children a warm, encouraging learning environment so their first experience with the school will be positive


  • Prepare children for their next step in education by developing the basic skills needed to be successful in school. These skills include self-help, social, communication, making friends, building confidence, expressing and controlling emotions, problem-solving, growing empathy, acceptance, and the ability to nurture


  • Encourage the love of learning through awareness and exploration of the world around them through structured and unstructured activities

Christian Education

We are a family of children, teachers, and parents who work and play together over the course of the school year. At each session, the children will participate in structured and unstructured activities. Daily devotions, snack time prayers, Bible stories, and a curriculum infused with Christian values offer many opportunities for early spiritual growth.


The children will be introduced to the basic skills needed to be successful in kindergarten. These skills include (but are not limited to) recognition of letters and phonetic sounds, numbers, and shapes, and listening and comprehension. They will also develop a sense of time and order as they use the calendar to record days, months, and seasons. There will be time to explore rhythm and movement, music, nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and games.

At Little Lambs, we believe that every child is worthy of respect and is a capable learner.


We provide a Christian learning environment where children are nurtured cognitively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our program encourages children to become fully involved in each day’s activities and provides a multitude of play-centered experiences that foster social development, creative expression, cognitive growth, and world discovery.

In the two preschool classrooms, we utilize a mixed-age group approach to learning. There are numerous benefits to having our three, four, and five-year-olds combined. Our older children are able to learn leadership skills and can help guide the younger children in their development. The children learn how to work more cooperatively as a group and will work towards a common goal. These groupings also foster positive social interactions while decreasing negative ones. Mixed-age classrooms can also benefit self-esteem and confidence. 

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